Victor Garcia – Portland, Oregon

BFA, Graphic Design from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, 2010

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“Vic’s energy and good attitude is infectious. He has got a great eye, great sense of a color and a healthy obsession with typography. If you have the chance to get Vic on your team, take it!”

Allison Bryan, Creative Director + Founder – Open Studio Collective

“I have known Victor Garcia since he was fifteen, and he worked for me at Billups for seven years. At Billups, he held a variety of positions, but the dominant role is as a designer and photographer for the last five years. I have gotten to know him extremely well in his personal and professional life, and I can honestly say that he will be a great addition to any team he joins.
Victors defining characteristic is that he always has a smile on his face. Even when he is working against tight deadlines or in stressful conditions, you can be sure that he will cheerfully get his work done. Everyone here liked working with him, and we loved having that kind of positive, creative, and infectious attitude around.

Victor also possesses an incredible amount of integrity as a person and an artist. When he says he will get a task done by a certain time, you can count on him to get it done.

As an artist, he has the creative integrity to always push for the highest possible quality. Best of all, he knows how to balance the two to produce on a deadline that hits the highest quality possible without running late.
But I would say that Victors biggest strength is that he always shows up for a challenge. Whether its stretching his creative abilities or fitting a project into a tight schedule, he will jump in and take on the challenge with that same smile on his face.

We loved having Victor as part of the Billups team, and he has my highest recommendation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”

Benjamin Billups,
Founder/CEO – Billups

“Victor was always enthusiastic to embark on any and all design challenges I threw at him. A quick learner and talented designer, Victor helped elevate the Billups brand daily. He always beat me at ping pong.”

Mark Kellar
Creative Director – Billups
“I have had the pleasure of working directly with Victor the last 2.5 years on creative client projects ranging from concept creation, web design, outbound marketing, production design and sales support. Victors eye is sharp, his drive is admirable and his creative execution is excellent. I am happy to recommend him not just as a designer but also as someone that understands clients and brands and brings strategic thinking and tactics to projects.”

Aaron Stewart
Product Director – Billups