Designer & Photographer, Open Studio Collective 2018

Design across several mediums: Digital, print and environmental graphics. 

Work with architects and interior designers to develope and curate inspiring spaces. 

Recently collaborated with SRG Architects to develop intuitive wayfinding and environmental graphics in a building under construction downtown.

Collaborated with Nike on 3 environmental graphics projects in St. Louis, Baltimore and Beaverton.

Designing in a team setting on several brand refreshes which include new: logo, language, typography, photography and art direction. 

Photograph work in progress and final architectural and environmental executions.

Owner of Instagram: Shot, edited, curated and captioned regular and relevant content for our Instagram.

Designer, Billups 2015—2018

Sole Brand Designer in charge of maintaining a progressive identity that simply and clearly articulates who Billups is as a company.

Recently in charge of overseeing a brand refresh including art direction on a new logo, style guide creation, new marketing materials and art direction on a website redesign.

Assisted in Boohma (Billups Out-of-Home Media Application) branding, art direction and UI design.

Designed and wrote high profile client pitch decks working directly with business development and media team members in a collaborative setting.

Designed and produced sales and marketing materials in Pages, Illustrator and InDesign empowering team members with simple, well designed and professionally written collateral.

Designed, created and managed email blasts via MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

Photographer - Captured Billups culture including traveling to our offices across the country, LA, NY, SF, Denver and Atlanta. Conducted a company wide portrait project that spanned over the course of a few months, traveled to shoot campaigns and record their productions and installations.

Junior Designer, Billups 2013—2015

Assisting Creative Director in all design matters including event activations and pitch writing.

Mapping & Design Specialist, Billups 2010—2013

Manufactured maps for marque campaigns using Pitney Bowes mapping software and data analytics provided by partnering vendors.

Proved to our clients, with census data and analytics that their media inventory was not only hitting their target audience, but that their campaign dollars were being spent as efficiently as possible.

Worked as a one-man team, maintaining my own projects and time while keeping up with fast work flow and managing the expectations of media team and clients.



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